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Sonny & Cher - The Best Of Sonny & Cher

 (Pink Vinyl)


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Sonny & Cher's original 1967 gold and platinum-selling Greatest Hits LP!

First-time super limited edition hot pink vinyl reissue

Mastered by Joe Reagoso from the original ATCO Records tapes

The legendary Sonny & Cher set the music world on fire in the 1960s and beyond with their superstar brand of classic rock and pop music. Their music transcended into all boundaries of popular music with their brand of folk-rock, Phil Spector wall of sound-like productions, and 2 1/2-minute symphonies to the ears of millions of people who wanted to hear rock and roll love songs.

Spearheaded both by the multi-talented singer/songwriter and producer Sonny Bono and the grace and voice of his trend setting fashion model wife Cher, their debut 45 recording of "I Got You Babe" would prove to become a huge catalyst for things to come for these popular hipsters.

They would go on to sell multiple millions of records and albums and have their songs successfully covered by many rock and pop acts over the years like Mott The Hoople, UB40, Chrissie Hynde and Vanilla Fudge.

With a dazzling number of chart topping singles, a bunch of hit albums, numerous television appearances, their own No. 1 television show, successful concert tours and feature movies, Sonny & Cher's ATCO recordings would take the duo to the top of all the popular music charts and would become some of the finest Top 40 hits of all time.

With their massive radio airplay and an amazing string of hit records, Sonny & Cher to this day are still revered and loved by their continual growing legion of fans worldwide.

After delivering a plethora of hits in rapid succession for ATCO Records, the label honored this hugely popular husband and wife team with their incredible greatest hits album simply titled The Best Of Sonny & Cher.

Filled with a treasure trove of chart topping singles and hit album tracks from their smash albums, this incredible 1967 effort awarded these pop/rock legends with one of the finest greatest hits albums ever released.

All your favorites are here, as this 12 track masterpiece is loaded with hit after hit with huge hit singles like, "What Now My Love," "The Beat Goes On" "It's The Little Things" and the song that inspired many people during the turbulent 60's, their number one classic "I Got You Babe."

As one of the most enduring albums in their massive career catalog, "The Best Of Sonny & Cher" includes even more significant hit tracks like Sonny's protest rocker "Laugh At Me," the smash sounds of "Sing C'est La Vie" "Just You" and their powerful interpretation of the classic "Let It Be Me."

All in all, a collection of songs which took the fans by storm, forever associating the title superstars to the Sonny & Cher legacy.

Friday music is pleased to announce for the very first time ever on striking hot pink vinyl "The Best Of Sonny & Cher." Mastered impeccably from the original ATCO records tapes by Joe Reagoso (The Byrds/Sonny & Cher/The Monkees) at Friday Music Studios, this super limited edition classic truly resonates on vinyl and will become one of the more sought after pop and rock albums revisted this year.

To further enhance your Sonny & Cher experience, Friday Music is also including the original mod '60's record album cover art by the legendary Loring Eutemey.

The Beat Goes On.......


Side A
1. The Beat Goes On
2. What Now My Love
3. I Got You Babe
4. Little Man
5. Just You
6. Let It Be Me

Side B
1. A Beautiful Story
2. It's The Little Things
3. But You're Mine
4. Sing C'est La Vie
5. Laugh At Me
6. Living For You

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