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In these days of fast food, synthetic fibers, plastic (sorry, fiber glass) boats and a whole list of other items which have made themselves essential to modern day living, there are very few occasions where the words "authentic" and "quality" are required when describing the products. However, the whole philosophy behind the Opus 3 record company has been in effect based on these two words, authentic and quality, and for this reason the tracks chosen for this record provide, in addition to their musical value, a unique reference and a superb tool in evaluating the different parts of a Hi-Fi system. If you forget for the moment the aesthetic musical content and consider the various more technical characteristics, which should be inherent in a perfect recording, then these come under three headings: Depth of Image, Timbre and Dynamics. The degree of fidelity with which they are captured in the recording is the ultimate measure of quality.

1. I Can't Get Started - Benny Waters
2. Where the Green Grass Grows - Eric Bibb
3. When I Feel The Sea Beneath My Soul - Tiny Island
4. The Talk of the Town - Lars Estrand
5. Treecircle - Gosta Rundqvist
6. Comes Love - Swedish Jazz Kings
7. Needed Time - Eric Bibb
8. Overture to the Opera Carmen (Bizet) - Omnibus Wind Ensemble
9. String Quartet No. 6, 2nd Movement (Stenhammar) - Zetterqvist String Quartet

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