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Originally released in 1998 by Blackground Records, Tim's Bio: From the Motion Picture - Life from Da Bassment is the debut solo album from Hip-Hop & R&B superproducer Timbaland.

Timbaland, the producer most responsible for the sound of hip-hop circa the late '90s, finally released this proper solo debut (after a 1997 LP recorded as Timbaland & Magoo) in late 1998. It's not quite the personal statement implied in the title, but it is full of excellent productions. He spoofs the hip-hop fad of sampling '80s pop by rewiring familiar themes, like those of Spiderman and I Dream of Jeanie, into barely recognizable forms.

With guest appearances from heavyweights such as Magoo, Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Plays, Skillz, Nas, Jay-Z & Twista, as well as the debut on-record appearance of acclaimed MC Ludacris, Timbaland takes full control of production for the album. The album features the hit songs, "Here We Come" and "Lobster Scrimp."


1. Intro (Feat. T.K. Kirkland)
2. I Get It on (Feat. Bassey)
3. To My (Feat. Nas & Skillz)
4. Here We Come (Feat. Magoo & Missy Elliott)
5. Wit' Yo' Bad Self (Feat. Skillz)
6. Lobster & Scrimp (Feat. Jay-Z)
7. What Cha Know About This (Feat. Mocha & Babe Blue)
8. Can't Nobody? (Feat. 1 Life 2 Live & Lil' Man)
9. What Cha Talkin' Bout (Feat. Lil' Man, Static & Magoo)
10. Put 'Em on (Feat. Static & Yaushameen Michael)
11. Phat Rabbit (Feat. Ludacris)
12. Who Am I (Feat. Twista)
13. Talking on the Phone (Feat. Keli Nicole Price & Missy Elliott)
14. Keep It Real (Feat. Ginuwine)
15. John Blaze (Feat. Aaliyah & Missy Elliott)
16. Birthday (Feat. Playa)
17. 3:30 in the Morning (Feat. Virginia Williams)
18. Outro
19. Bringin' It (Feat. Troy Mitchell)

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