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Widely regarded as the band's greatest album, Ohio Players' Honey was released on August 16, 1975 on Mercury Records. The album features one of the band's signature erotic covers — a photo of Playboy model Ester Cordet eating from a jar of honey. The album was a major success, reaching No. 2 on the Billboard charts and winning a Grammy for Best Album Cover Art.

Honey was the collective's third consecutive platinum-selling album. The record would spawn three singles, including two number-one hits "Sweet Sticky Thing," "Love Rollercoaster," and "Fopp.

Crucial to the album and the songs successes was James "Diamond" Williams, who was a classically trained musician. At the time, Williams had been in the group for almost three years.

"What drove us was individual talent and the capability that started way before any of us started to record. Billy Beck was an expert playing the strings and keyboards. He went to music school, so he had that music structure. Sugarfoot was just an ingenious person, an unbelievable talent. He was just a unique kind of guy with his words and his concepts. The very talented Marshall Jones played bass. He was another unique guy. I also had 12 years of private lessons. I played with the orchestra band and all that stuff. I had music scholarships to go to colleges. During one summer, I got a full scholarship to Kentucky State University before I came out and got with this band. So there was a lot of music concepts in this band. We were just ready for the times, but we were prepared musically. All those classes and everybody in the band, even the horn players, Ralph "Pee Wee" Middlebrooks and Marvin "Merv" Pierce, made this band uniquely what it was." — James "Diamond" Williams


1. Honey
2. Fopp
3. Let's Love
4. Ain't Givin' Up No Ground
5. Sweet Sticky Thing
6. Love Rollercoaster
7. Alone

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