Twisted Sister - Greatest Hits - Tear It Loose

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180-gram gatefold double LP on translucent red vinyl!

Classic Atlantic Records studio hits and rare live tracks!

New 2021 liner notes and first time live performance photos!

Features smash hits "We're Not Gonna Take It," "I Wanna Rock," "The Kids Are Back," "Hot Love" and more!

Includes powerful live performances: "Tear It Loose," "Stay Hungry," "Like A Knife In The Back" and others

"The live album compilation on this release says all you need to know about the level of intensity and musicianship of Twisted Sister." — Jay Jay French

For the first time ever on vinyl, Twisted Sister and Friday Music have teamed up to create the ultimate heavy metal hits collection with Twisted Sister's Greatest Hits-Tear It Loose (Studio & Live) Compiled from the original Atlantic Records tape vaults by Twisted Sister's co-founder Jay Jay French and Joe Reagoso (Twisted Sister/Alice Cooper/Thin Lizzy), this long overdue release contains a stellar overview of their remarkable gold and platinum-selling album career.

The 5-star deluxe 2LP set includes classic Atlantic Records studio tracks such as "We're Not Gonna Take It" "Under The Blade" "I Wanna Rock" "Leader Of The Pack" "Wake Up (The Sleeping Giant" "You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll" and "Shoot 'Em Down."

The second half of this amazing album contains a 20-year historical compilation of the
bands favorite U.K. concert performances from The Marquee Club, Hammersmith Odeon and The Astoria. Hard hitting smashes such as "Stay Hungry" "Like A Knife In The Back" "S.M.F." "Destroyer" and "Tear It Loose" truly are some of the finest heavy metal live tracks ever caught on tape.

Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso with Jay Jay French from the original Atlantic Records tapes, this super limited edition 2LP set will be manufactured for a very limited time on translucent red vinyl.

To further enhance your Twisted Sister experience, Friday Music has included new 2021 commentary from Dee Snider, Jay Jay French, Mark Mendoza and Eddie Ojeda in the liner notes, updated discography information per track, as well as artist approved gatefold cover art featuring stunning live concert photos from the lens of Hakon Grav.


Side 1 (Studio):
1. Under The Blade - from "Under The Blade" 1982
2. Shoot 'Em Down - from "Under The Blade" 1982
3. The Kids Are Back - from "You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll" 1983
4. I Am (I'm Me) - from "You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll" 1983
5. You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll - from "You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll" 1983
6. We're Not Gonna Take It - from "Stay Hungry" 1984

Side 2 (Studio):
1. I Wanna Rock - from "Stay Hungry" 1984
2. The Price - from "Stay Hungry" 1984
3. Leader Of The Pack - from "Come Out And Play" 1985
4. The Fire Still Burns - from "Come Out And Play" 1985
5. Hot Love - from "Love Is For Suckers" 1987
6. Wake Up (The Sleeping Giant) - from "Love Is For Suckers" 1987

Side 3 (Live At The Marquee & Hammersmith Odeon):
1. What You Don't Know (Sure Can Hurt You) - The Marquee 3/1983
2. Sin After Sin - The Marquee 3/1983
3. Tear It Loose - The Marquee 3/1983
4. Stay Hungry - Hammersmith Odeon 6/1984
5. Like A Knife In The Back - Hammersmith Odeon 6/1984
6. We're Gonna Make It - Hammersmith Odeon 6/1984

Side 4 (Live At The Astoria):
1. Destroyer - The Astoria 8/2004
2. Ride To Live - The Astoria 8/2004
3. Come Out & Play - The Astoria 8/2004
4. S.M.F. - The Astoria 8/2004

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