Nikki Giovanni - The Way I Feel

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Modern Harmonic


Spoken Word

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Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Nikki Giovanni's debut LP Truth Is On Its Way

Modern Harmonic brings you the euphonic triad of Nikki's earliest albums!

First-ever LP reissue of this powerful blend of funk, soul and poetry!

Red vinyl mastered and pressed at Third Man Record Pressing

Striking new artwork plus liner notes by Camae Ayewa (a.k.a Moor Mother)

"She has created an album that will provide research and inspiration for decades to come. This album is a testament to what poetry can do and how it can transform and unite." — Camae Ayewa (a.k.a. Moor Mother) Irreversible Entanglements

What does it mean to be a Black woman poet in America writing for liberation? "I am black alive looking back at you" June Jordan so masterfully said and it speaks volumes to what so many Black women poets in the '70's and '80's did for the culture of poetry, speaking volumes to the legacies they built that we can stand on with pride and more agency to express ourselves and for that we are forever thankful. Nikki Giovanni would go on to inspire many great poets and would in her work provide a landscape for future visioning of a better self and world. Here, she shows us what can be done with words on record. Cultivating liberation and healing within the world of poetry live on a record that will stand the test of time.

Side A
1. The Way I Feel
2. Seduction/Kidnap Poem
3. Just A NY Poem
4. Butterflies/I Remember
5. Luxury/Poem
6. My House

Side B
1. The Women Gather
2. The Life I Led
3. When I Die
4. Revolutionary Dreams
5. Winter Poem
6. A Certain Peace/When I Nap
7. A Poem For A Lady Whose Voice I Like

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