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Flux (Black + Aqua Blue Galaxy Vinyl)

The fourth full-length studio release for the Boston-born artist, produced by Justin Meidal-Johnsen

"When Poppy introduced herself to the world with debut album Poppy.Computer in 2017, the singer gave us neon-bright pop songs that reflected (and satirized) the digital culture through which her persona was built. With her second studio album, 2018's Am I a Girl?, Poppy started dabbling with heavy songs: 'X' and 'Play Destroy' fused candy-pop and thrash in a style reminiscent of Japanese kawaii metal.

"When Poppy's partnership with producer Cory Mixter (aka Titanic Sinclair) ended after Am I a Girl?, her exploration of metal continued — and culminated — in 2020 album I Disagree and this year's EAT EP, both of which are avant-garde explosions of heavy metal and gritty industrial, frequently juxtaposed against Poppy's classic, sugary sweet pop melodies.

"After enjoying critical acclaim for this unique sound, Poppy decided it was time to move on. Earlier this summer, she dropped singles 'Her,' 'Flux,' and 'So Mean,' three pop-grunge songs that drive home catchy hooks to which listeners can sing along after the first listen. The rest of the songs on Flux follow a similar pattern: moving away from gimmicky, shock value approaches to song writing, she maintains a more traditional form. In vast contrast to her work on I Disagree and EAT, almost all the tunes on Flux follow standard verse-chorus-bridge construction. In some ways, this record is Poppy's most commercial work to date." — exclaim!

Side A
1. Flux
2. Lessen The Damage
3. So Mean
4. On The Level
5. Hysteria

Side B
1. Her
2. Bloom
3. As Strange As It Seems
4. Never Find My Place

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