Grizzly Bear - Yellow House

 (15th Anniversary Edition)


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Vinyl Record
15th Anniversary Clear Vinyl Edition

15th Anniversary reissue of Grizzly Bear's second album!

Grizzly Bear celebrate the 15th anniversary of their second album Yellow House with a re-cut repress of the double LP. Available here on classic black vinyl.

Originally released in 2006, Yellow House is the indie rock band Grizzly Bear's second album.

The album scaled through charts during its initial release, landing among the top ranks for albums on Pitchfork and The New York Times. During the album's initial release, Stereogum noted, "It's one of those more timeless works, the ones that years down the line may linger and appear as if they could've come from any handful of eras at once."

Indeed, even 15 years after the band unveiled the album, it continues to hold a contemporary sound. Sifting through Yellow House's tracklist, the band touts an overwhelmingly broad sound, cusping listeners in their hands to bring forth an atmosphere that borders between experimental sound and folk-rock. The grandeur of each band member's instrument in tandem with the unending layer of vocals through each song permeates from the past into the present, introducing a lively breath of uninhibited sound.

1. Easier
2. Lullabye
3. Knife
4. Central And Remote
5. Little Brother
6. Plans
7. Marla
8. On A Neck, On A Spit
9. Reprise
10. Colorado

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