KK's Priest - Sermons Of The Sinner

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Single LP with bonus album CD

Limited edition white vinyl pressing

The new band created by Metal legend KK Downing!

Debut album features new metal classics "Hellfire Thunderbolt," "Metal Through and Through" and the title track "Sermons of the Sinner"

KK's Priest — Sermons of the Sinner — 10 new songs available on single disc vinyl with bonus CD album — is a musical statement that KK Downing's heavy metal ride is far from over after his extended hiatus. "The whole concept is the fact that I continue proudly to be who I am and what I am and do what I do," declares KK. "It's been nearly 10 years. I'm back making music."

KK's Priest includes singer Tim "Ripper" Owens, guitarist A.J. Mills, bassist Tony Newton, drummer Sean Elg and guitarist KK Downing.

They have unleashed an album with a modern sound that hearkens back to what fans have always loved about KK Downing and his music and which still sounds fresh including the high-speed album opener "Hellfire Thunderbolt," "Raise Your Fists" and "Wild And Free" which revel in the passion and excess that metal fans embrace. The guitar interplay is intense and inspiring, and the band is firing on all cylinders.


Side A
1. Incarnation
2. Hellfire Thunderbolt
3. Sermons of the Sinner
4. Sacerdote y Diablo
5. Raise Your Fists

Side B
1. Metal Through and Through
2. Wild and Free
3. Hail for the Priest
4. Return of the Sentinel

Companion CD Bonus Track
1. Brothers of the Road

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