Spacehog - Resident Alien

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A classic slab of mid-1990s British glam!

Band were all Leeds Expats living in New York

Gold-selling album features "In The Meantime"

Limited edition pink vinyl gatefold double LP!

It's the first widespread vinyl release LP for this classic slab of mid-'90s British glam! Recorded at Bearsville in NY by a bunch of Leeds expats (hence the Resident Alien title), this gold album features the hit "In the Meantime" and lots of other hooks ‘n' riffs from "The Band That Fell to Earth" (featuring Antony & Royston Langdon, Jonny Cragg, and guitar hero Richard Steel). Newly-created gatefold packaging housing a limited pink vinyl pressing (Note: watch out for the "Untitled" track!).


Side A
1. In the Meantime
2. Spacehog
3. Starside
4. Candyman

Side B
1. Space Is the Place
2. Never Coming Down (Part I)
3. Cruel to Be Kind
4. Ship Wrecked
5. Only a Few

Side C
1. The Last Dictator
2. Never Coming Down (Part II)
3. Zeroes

Side D
1. To Be a Millionaire...Was It Likely?
2. Untitled

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