My Morning Jacket - It Still Moves

 (Golden Melt Vinyl)


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AATO 48615
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Original double LP reissued on Golden Melt vinyl

"My Morning Jacket's third full-length effort, and first for the ATO/RCA venture label, is a step beyond the band's work for Darla. While the gorgeous amalgam of The Band's vision of country/Americana and Neil Young's blend of folk and rock are everywhere present, there is a new textural awareness evident on It Still Moves. Jim James' songwriting is tighter in structure, but his production sensibility is early-'70s Laurel Canyon, with some of the Grateful Dead's American Beauty tropes as well.

"'Mahgeetah,' with its Pet Sounds ambience and country-rock melody — complete with fuzzed-out guitar solo — is far more imaginative than anything Wilco ever pulled off by trying the same thing. 'Dancefloors,' with its biting Telecaster lead line that echoes 'Baby Don't Do It' and the Stray Gators' country majesty, is full of warmth, depth, and Levon Helm's soul. And 'Golden,' which is the third track in this opening triad, brings James' love of Tim Buckley and Fred Neil into the light." — AllMusic

Side A
1. Mahgeetah
2. Dancefloors
3. Golden

Side B
1. Master Plan
2. One Big Holiday
3. I Will Sing You Songs

Side C
1. Easy Morning Rebel
2. Run Thru
3. Rollin Back

Side D
1. Just One Thing
2. Steam Engine
3. One In The Same

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