Awolnation - Megalithic Symphony

 (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition on (2LP) UltraClear Vinyl & (1LP) Gold Vinyl + Download Code)


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180 Gram Vinyl Record
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Limited edition 3LP set celebrating the 10th anniversary of this historic release!

Includes the original Megalithic Symphony LP on ultraclear vinyl (2LP) plus a bonus LP of previously unreleased material on gold vinyl LP

Limited time download included containing all songs from the digital release

Packaged in a custom slipcase

Awolnation's debut album Megalithic Symphony was previously featured on iTunes as one of the Greatest Albums of 2011. The L.A.-based alt rock/hip hop crew is the musical brainchild of main man Aaron Bruno.

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the album, the deluxe edition of Megalithic Symphony features three previously unreleased b-sides ("Cannibals," "Wichita Panama," and "I'm No Good") and six live performances. The remainder of tracks and remixes (five of which are centered around "Sail"), reimagined by nearly a dozen artists, including Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul, Wale and Samantha Ronson, Innerpartysystem, Thomas Turner, and Robert DeLong, were originally included in the 2013 Deluxe release of the album.

Thinking back, there was never a method around writing the first album, or the three that followed, Bruno says.

"I've never really had rules on how or why I'm going to write," he says. "A song just presents itself either out of thin air or somewhere. Luckily for me, the first album took off, so I've always sort of followed the formula of having no formula whatsoever. It's just wherever the wind takes me as far as writing goes."

Bruno adds, "I didn't look at the songs that were more successful than others on that record, or the other record and try to follow that, because I don't know how those songs came to be to begin with."


LP 1
1. Megalithic Symphony
2. Some Sort of Creature
3. Soul Wars
4. People
5. Jump On My Shoulders
6. Burn It Down
7. Guilty Filthy Soul
8. Kill Your Heroes

LP 2
1. My Nightmare's Dream
2. Sail
3. Wake Up
4. Not Your Fault
5. All I Need
6. Knights Of Shame

LP 3
1. Cannibals
2. I'm No Good
3. Wichita Panama
4. Burn It Down (Live in London)
5. Sail (Live in Columbus)
6. Guilty Filthy Soul and (Live in Boston)
7. Kill Your Heroes (Live in Los Angeles)
8. Not Your Fault (Live in Houston)
9. All I Need (Live in Austin)
10. Soul Wars (Live in Salzburg)

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