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Paul Simon - Still Crazy After All These Years

 (Limited Edition UltraDisc One-Step 45rpm Vinyl 2LP Box Set)


Mobile Fidelity



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UPC: 821797201421

Vinyl Box Sets

No. of Discs: 2
Note: 180 Gram

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180-gram 45 RPM 2LP Ultradisc One-Step from Mofi!

Mastered from the original master tapes with Mofi's One-Step Proceess!

Keepsake edition strictly limited to 8,000 numbered copies!

Opulent box, foil-stamped jackets, LPs pressed at RTI

Grammy-winning 1975 album reflects on midlife circumstance, relationships, transitions, and disillusionment: Features crafty jazz-pop arrangements and four Top 40 hits!

Exorcising personal demons and reflecting on midlife circumstance, Paul Simon frames Still Crazy After All These Years as a post-divorce statement yet retains cutting humor and lighthearted cynicism that make every song universally appealing.

A succession of brooding vocals, jazz-laden arrangements, contagious hooks, and an appearance by the famed Muscle Shoals rhythm section further conspire to make the record a lasting template for mature pop music that offers meaningful contemplation of relationships, transitions, disillusionment, and responsibility. A chart-topping statement that coincided with Simon's ascent as a superstar solo artist, it now sounds more immediate, cunning, and refined than ever courtesy of painstaking restoration.

Limited to 8,000 numbered copies, pressed on MoFi SuperVinyl at RTI, and mastered from the original master tapes, Mobile Fidelity's ultra-hi-fi UltraDisc One-Step 180-gram 45 RPM 2LP collector's edition enhances the music for generations to come. Surpassing the sonics of any prior version, it provides a clear, transparent, ultra-dynamic view of a record that won Grammy Awards for Album of the Year and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. The expanse and depth of the soundstage, fullness of detail, reach of the omnipresent electric piano, and natural bloom and decay of individual notes all reach demonstration-grade levels.

Visually, the lavish packaging and gorgeous presentation of the UD1S Still Crazy After All These Years pressing befit its select status. Housed in a deluxe box, it features special foil-stamped jackets and faithful-to-the-original graphics that illuminate the splendor of the recording. No expense has been spared. Aurally and visually, this UD1S reissue exists as a curatorial artifact meant to be preserved, touched, and examined. It is made for discerning listeners that prize sound quality and production, and who desire to fully immerse themselves in the art — and everything involved with the album, from the images to the finishes.

The newfound immediacy, presence, texture, and dark-black backgrounds provided by Mobile Fidelity's UD1S set showcase the scope and craft of Simon's alluring melodies — as well as the intentional conflict between the tense lyrical content and the deceivingly pleasant aura. Still Crazy After All These Years resonates with a decided nasty streak and delves into adult romance with rapier wit. Indeed, in its original review of the album, Rolling Stone pertinently observes, "There is something ominous about the disparity between Simon and Phil Ramone's typically elaborate, creamy production and the downbeat theme of the album."

Nowhere is the distinction more pronounced than on the seductive, irony-rich smash "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover." Interviewed decades ago about its creation and appeal, Simon explained what makes the track structurally distinct. "I was studying harmony with (bassist Chuck Israels). Instead of using a minor chord, I use a major chord and go up a step. It is hard to get an interesting key change. I also like to write a bridge and just jump a whole tone up." Needless to say, the approach worked. The song remains Simon's most successful solo hit, and joins three other tunes from the record to have climbed into the Top 40.

The other charting numbers — the loose-limbed title track (complete with a Michael Brecker saxophone solo), "Gone at Last" (a duet with Phoebe Snow), and "My Little Town" (which reunited Simon with his former partner Art Garfunkel for the first time in nearly five years) — prove equally sharp. In certain ways, Still Crazy After All These Years plays as the musical complement to Woody Allen's signature film Annie Hall, which, coincidentally, Simon would appear as a sleazy record producer. Relatedly, "Have a Good Time" witnesses Simon laughing his way through thinly disguised depression while the kiss-off "You're Kind" distills a splintered romance down to the preference of keeping a window open or closed.



1. Still Crazy After All These Years
2. My Little Town
3. I Do It for Your Love
4. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
5. Night Game
6. Gone at Last
7. Some Folks' Lives Roll Easy
8. Have a Good Time
9. You're Kind
10. Silent Eyes

Customer Reviews (4.00 Stars) 2 person(s) rated this product.

MOFI misses the Mark

posted on 06/04/2021
3 Stars
I am generally very pleased with the sound of MOFI vinyl; however, this Product misses the mark. The sound is good, but sounds no sharper than any other audiophile titles, and not as good as some. There are zero WOW moments. In addition, my second disc was slightly warped. The presentation is a sloppy-put-toegther offer with sharp-edged cardboard sleeves and no extras. Certainly not worth this price, and was over-hyped. Very disappointed in a label I usually stand by. I would pass on this one, if you are buying to actually hear amazing sound, as opposed to just flipping it to make money. My 3 stars is based on very high expectations at this price Point.

Loud and Clear

posted on 06/03/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Brian VanPelt
First, I'll start with the bad. I've never gotten a flawless-looking one-step record yet. This one has a faint scratch and some light Rorschach marks on disk 1 - none of these had any sonic effects. Next, the vinyl is not dead quiet. There are light clicks throughout, but they are sparse. I also counted 2 light pops.

Aside from those observations, the album is otherwise perfect. These records are cut very loudly - akin to the Speakers Corner version of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, or Dave Brubeck's album Time In. Needless to say, the dynamics are astounding. If there are any clicks during the songs, you'll most likely not hear them. In addition, the beat of the bass drum is propulsive. Everything is perfectly balanced - the instruments sound proportionally correct..

The sonic image is laser tight. It's easy to pick out every instrument in space. Paul Simon's voice is perfectly centered and focused. You can hear the complete decay of every tone. Grade: 4.5

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