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Blues Masters at the Crossroads alum and America's Got Talent contestant Robert Finley returns!

Sharecropper's Son is the career-defining new album from Robert Finley, "the greatest living soul singer" who in a bizarre twist, found overnight success after 67 years of hard work. Following Finley's semi-finalist appearance on America's Got Talent, he returned to the studio to follow-up his critically acclaimed record, Goin' Platinum!

The resulting Dan Auerbach-produced album is a soulful masterpiece, rooted in the vintage sounds of southern harmony, rhythm and blues. Recorded at Easy Eye Sound studio in Nashville with legendary music studio veterans, Finley's formidable vocals and lyrical stylings take center stage, sharing personal stories inspired by his Louisiana country childhood during the Jim Crow-era south. His tales of pain and joy uplift as Finley reflects on his belief that you are never too young to dream and never too old to live.

Finley is fond of asking promoters for the closing spot on a concert bill "because the party's going to go as high as it's going to go when I'm playing." From someone else's mouth that might be braggadocio, but when Finley says it, he's just telling the truth. Onstage, he's infectious. It's the whole package-his sound, his songs, his energy, his look. Hailing from Louisiana, he mixes a Memphis-to-Texas electric southern grit with Nashville-clever songs. Past fans of Acoustic Sounds' Blues Masters at the Crossroads, at Blue Heaven Studios in Salina, will recall Finley commanding the stage last in 2017 for the 20th two-night blues festival.

Side A
1. Souled Out on You
2. Make Me Feel Alright
3. Country Child
4. Sharecropper's Son
5. My Story

Side B
1. Starting to See
2. I Can Feel Your Pain
3. Better Than I Treat Myself
4. Country Boy
5. All My Hope

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