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There's scarcely a more towering figure in modern jazz — save Miles and Coltrane — than the great Bill Evans. His relaxed and emotional style at the piano would prove influential to not only his peers but to generations of pianists who would follow him.

It also doesn't hurt, points out, that he appeared on (and had great influence over the direction of) Kind Of Blue and that the two LPs from his trio's landmark stint at the Village Vanguard in 1961 (Waltz For Debby and Sunday At The Village Vanguard) are both stone-cold classics.

The excellent Trio 64 marked Evans' first trio album after a move to Verve from his previous home at Riverside Records. While the work Evans' did with his first trio featuring Scott LaFaro and Paul Motian (particularly the Village Vanguard recordings) remains by far his most popular and lauded work, even after LaFaro's tragic death in 1961 he continued to improve upon and refine his particular brand of soulful and introspective playing.

Trio 64 marked a reunion with Motian and Evans' only recorded work with the talented bassist Gary Peacock. The album matches up with Evans' finest trio sessions, with his shimmering piano lines dancing between Peacock's sharp bass lines and Motian's usual sublime work on the drums. Peacock was a perfect match for Evans, he was a kindred spirit when it came to not simply following the musical trends of the day, as evidenced by his time spent with the likes of Albert Ayler and Paul Bley a few years after the recording of Trio 64.

The song selection shows how Evans was able to take even the most rote pop songs of the day and transform them into unabashed works of modern jazz. Is there another pianist of the era who would attempt a take on "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" (the album was recorded December 18th, so why not throw in a Christmas tune) or "Little Lulu" (the theme from a 1940s cartoon of the same name) and so successfully have them come off as if they were jazz standards all along? Even more impressive is that this was the first time that Evans had played with Peacock, and yet there is no sense of hesitation in either musician's interaction with each other, it sounds like they've been playing together for years.


Side A
1. Little Lulu
2. A Sleeping Bee
3. Always
4. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Side B
1. I'll See You Again
2. For Heaven's Sake
3. Dancing In The Dark
4. Everything Happens To Me

Customer Reviews (4.67 Stars) 6 person(s) rated this product.

Why is Bill Evans on Verve often overlooked?

posted on 04/23/2023
5 Stars
Reviewer: Rudy
Trio 64 was my first Bill Evans purchase, back in the early days of the CD. Polygram had released a jazz compilation entitled Jazz Like You've Never Heard It Before, and "Little Lulu" was one of the cuts on the sampler.

Trio 64 always sounded good, but unexceptional. A few years ago I bought one of Universal's "Back to Black" reissues of this title and found it lacking. This was shortly after I had purchased Trio 65 on a 45 RPM ORG pressing. Seeing Trio 64 in the Verve Acoustic Sounds series had me wondering if I should take a chance and see if this version is any better.

By far, it is. For this one, it's all about the mastering, and the generation of tape used. The Back to Black version is not as well defined in the highs, and the bass is less solid--those seem to indicate a less than desirable tape was used for mastering. This version brings the music to life. Highly recommended!

Great recording and mastering

posted on 09/14/2021
4 Stars
Reviewer: Paul
Sound picture is wide and clear, with bass on the left (you can hear his fingers plucking the strings!), Evans in the middle and drums towards the right. Close your eyes and listen. A beautiful recording.

Great record, Amazing pressing

posted on 09/09/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Adam
Great record to just put on and relax. This is another great pressing through the acoustic sounds series.

Don't hesitate!

posted on 09/07/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Grateful
I can't say that I was familiar with this particular title when I ordered it so wasn't sure what to expect. But after receiving it and listening to it multiple times I wanted to take the time to give it a very enthusiastic recommendation. Wonderful sound, excellent soundstage, daed quiet vinyl, beautiful cover. If you were on the fence about purchasing this I would encourage you to buy with confidence. It takes a lot of love, sweat and dedication from everyone involved to produce products of this quality and I am so thankful for these luxuries. I have been gushing about Acoustic Sounds from the beginning and I thank them for never giving me a reason not to. This is a fabulous time for those who love music and exceptional sound quality. I hope that everyone is enjoying this ride as much as I am.

Heartfelt thanks to all!

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