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Gatefold double LP

Fifteen tracks, including "Human Behaviour," "Isobel" and "Bachelorette" plus the new single, "It's In Our Hands." This ex-Sugarcube has emerged as not only an international superstar, but one of the most bewitching artists in modern pop.


1. All Is Full of Love
2. Hyperballad
3. Human Behaviour
4. Joga
5. Bachelorette
6. Army Of Me
7. Pagan Poetry
8. Big Time Sensuality
9. Venus As A Boy
10. Hunter
11. Hidden Place
12. Isobel
13. Possibly Maybe
14. Play Dead
15. It's In Our Hands

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most unique voice in music today

posted on 04/30/2006
5 Stars
love her or hate her & for most people it really is only one or the other, Bjork has brought so much to the table for our collective conscience of music all humans share. Undefinable and sometimes indescribable, her music breaths new life into my dreary heart. this collection spans from her albums debut through vespertine and even contains one of my favorite songs by her, "in our hands" this heavy pressing double LP will fill your room with sounds of ecstacy, lust and love, all in one artsy package.

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