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Hybrid Multichannel SACD

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The legendary Leopold Stokowski was one of the great personalities of the podium as well as a leading interpreter of Romantic orchestral repertoire. Stokowski's profound commitment to the emotional impact of classical music is captured on Rhapsodies, his most popular Living Stereo recording. The flash and fire of Liszt, the emotional surges of Smetana, the guts and glory of Wagner - all the colors in Stokowski's rhapsodic repertoire are here on display.

RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra
Symphony of the Air

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 in C-Sharp Minor
Roumanian Rhapsody No. 1 in A, Op. 11
Má Vlast; The Moldau (Vltava)
The Bartered Bride; Overture
Tristan und Isolde; Act III; Prelude
Tannhäuser: Overture and Venusberg Music

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