First Impression Music - Tungsten Balls/ Set of 3

First Impression Music - Tungsten Balls/ Set of 3

First Impression Music



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To be used in conjunction with the First Impression Music isolation pucks. With the Tungsten Balls, you can upgrade the ball that is included in First Impression's Isolation Kits.

Why is Tungsten Carbide used for the ball material? Tungsten Carbide is found to be superior to steel (chromium or stainless), brass, glass, or ceramic. The reason for this has to do with Tungsten Carbide's unique combination of extreme hardness and high mechanical transmissivity. Its transmissivity, or ability to act as a mechanical conductor at higher frequencies, is very close to that of aluminum, thus making a coherent, reflection-free transmission path. By comparison, ceramic, although it exhibits excellent hardness, does not transmit energy nearly as well as Tungsten Carbide. Heat transmission is a direct indicator of a material's mechanical transmission ability. Ceramic's poor heat transmission capability is better exploited as a heat insulator, for instance, as a material for use in coffee mugs, rather than the mechanical ground linkage in a ball bearing isolation device.

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