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D/A Converter or Processor

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Digital transmission interface, No Power Supply.

Audio Alchemy was a very exciting company when it first appeared. The DDE DAC was a fabulous product and by audiophile standards, ridiculously cheap. The DTI you see here was an add on product to the DDE where it sits between it and the CD transport. Its only role was to enhance the digital signal coming out from the digital output of your transport or CD player by reducing or eliminating the jitter in the signal. Naturally, for the minimalist audiophile, this was a horror story but for many, it was another inexpensive and worthwhile addition to their system. You will just need an additional digital cable because one cable will be used between the digital out of the player to the DTI and another from the DTI to the DAC. The DTI is probably more beneficial to older CD transports or players (using their digital output) since many current machines already have very good digital output signal. So in a nutshell, this is an inexpensive investment that will either aid an older CD/DAC system or sit pretty in a newer setup. Either way, you will become a proud owner of a piece of audio gizmo that will become a rarity over the coming years.

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