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Coming December 04, 2020


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Double LP

After the success of the recent albums Blues (2019) and Check Shirt Wizard - Live in '77 (2020) Universal is pleased to present a new Rory Gallagher Best Of collection. Featuring his most legendary songs compiled from across his recording career, including tracks from Rory's seminal first band Taste through to his last studio album Fresh Evidence (1992). 

LP 1
1.What's Going On
2.Shadow Play
3.Follow Me
4.Tattoo'd Lady
5.All Around Man
6.I Fall Apart
7.Daughter Of The Everglades
8.Calling Card
9.I'm Not Awake Yet
10.Just The Smile
11.Out Of My Mind
12.Edged In Blue
14.It's Happened Before, It'll Happen Again
15.Crest Of A Wave

LP 2
1.Bad Penny
2.Walk On Hot Coals
3.Blister On The Moon
4.Loanshark Blues
5.Bought And Sold
6.A Million Miles Away
7.Wheels Within Wheels [Acoustic Version]
8.Seven Days
9.Ghost Blues
10.Cruise On Out
11.(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
12.TheyDon't Make Them Like You Anymore

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