Star Sound Technologies - Audio Points 2.0 AP 1D

Star Sound Technologies - Audio Points 2.0 AP 1D

Star Sound Technologies



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This AudioPoint will handle the weight and optimum mass requirements for the rapid transfer of resonance energy when dealing with the industry's largest electronic components, loudspeaker systems, equipment racks, concert reinforcement, recording studio equipment, power supplies and distribution networks.

Another recommended use is placement under Projection TV. A friend's help is required to place one AudioPoint under each corner of the TV. Sit back, focus and watch the stunning visual transformation. Over the course of the next 20 minutes your Projection TV will become more natural to flesh tones, edging becomes more defined and as you pass the 10-minute mark the picture quality becomes more three-dimensional. The overall visual effect will take a few days to complete simply because of gravity and its relationship to the video projection reproduction process.

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