Various Artists - Heat

 (Music From The Motion Picture)


Warner Bros.



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Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2

Double LP — First time on vinyl!

"Michael Mann films are notable for their high-quality soundtracks. Heat is no exception." — Q

"An artfully assembled montage of industrial rock, darkly romantic symphonics and moody jazz guitar, evokes a nightmarish Los Angeles of dashed hopes and soiled glamour..." — New York Times.

A stellar cast make up this taut 1995 psychological drama about an obsessive detective and a brilliant thief whose fates are linked in the aftermath of a high-stakes securities heist.

Side 1
1. Heat - By Kronos Quartet
2. Always Forever Now - By Passengers (Brian Eno/U2)
3. Condensers
4. Refinery Surveillance - By Kronos Quartet
5. Last Nite - By Terje Rypdal & The Chasers

Side 2
1. Ultramarine - By Michael Brook
2. Armenia - By Einsturzende Neubauten
3. Of Helplessness
4. Steel Cello Lament
5. Mystery Man - By Terje Rypdal

Side 3
1. New Dawn Fades - By Moby
2. Entrada & Shootout
3. Force Marker - By Brian Eno
4. Coffee Shop
5. Fate Scrapes
6. La Bas - By Lisa Gerrard

Side 4
1. Gloradin - By Lisa Gerrard
2. Run Uphill
3. Predator Diorama - By Kronos Quartet
4. Of Separation
5. God Moving over the Face of the Waters - By Moby

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