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The Experience Sessions presents a collection of rare and previously-unreleased studio recordings made by Noel Redding, who played bass for two-and-three-quarter years with the Jimi Hendrix Experience. The record also contains the master takes of Redding's two stand-out original compositions, "Little Miss Strange" and "She's So Fine," both of which turned up on Hendrix records. The record also includes previously-unreleased alternate recordings of these two tracks, offering a fascinating insight into the inner-workings of the group in the studio. This disc is a cause for celebration simply for the fact that many of the tracks feature blistering guitar work from Jimi Hendrix. And on one previously-unreleased song, "Dream," Hendrix plays the bass and Redding the guitar.

Side One
There Ain't Nothing Wrong
Little Miss Strange
Walking Through the Garden
She's So Fine
Little, Little Girl
How Can I Live

Side Two
Noel's Tune [Take 1]
Noel's Tune [Take 2]
Little Miss Strange
She's So Fine
Red House

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posted on 08/29/2005
1 Stars
Reviewer: Bret Miller
Even if you are a Hendrix completist (as I am) and love the vinyl- this is only worth hearing to glimpse how much of a drag- Hendrix had to put up with a talentless drag- Noel was on his creativity by pressing for writing time. The ego of Noel must have clashed with Hendrix spotlight. I love his work as Hendrix sideman, but this is really a waste of money. You will listen once and put it away.

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