Christopher Tin - To Shiver The Sky

 (with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra )





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Gatefold double LP

One of the most listened-to and performed hybrid artists straddling contemporary classical and media worlds, Christopher Tin is a 2X Grammy-winning composer (concert music, film, video game scores). To Shiver the Sky is an oratorio about the history of flight and humankind's quest to conquer the heavens. Told through 11 great astronomers, inventors, visionaries, pilots, it charts our relentless need to explore the universe and defy earthly bonds, ultimately claiming a place among the stars.

Side A:
1. Sogno di Volare ("The Dream Of Flight")
2. The Heavenly Kingdom
3. Daedalus And Icarus

Side B:
1. The Fall
2. Astronomy

Side C:
1. To The Stars
2. Oh, The Humanity
3. Courage

Side D:
1. Become Death
2. The Power Of The Spirit
3. We Choose To Go To The Moon

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