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Dance Gavin Dance continues their cross-genre mayhem on Afterburner, their ninth studio album.

Formed in 2005 and defying genre standards ever since, California's Dance Gavin Dance take what they love and put it to record, be it progressive hardcore, post-hardcore math rock, prog metal, jam rock, or simply rock 'n' roll, writes

With eight studio albums to their credit, including 2007's Downtown Battle Mountain, 2013's Acceptance Speech, 2016's Mothership and 2018's Artificial Selection, the quintet has consistently proven their technical proficiency, mesmerizing fluidity, and ability to write brutally catchy songs with a warped sense of humor.

Side 1
1. Prisoner
2. Lyrics Lie
3. Calentamiento Global
4. Three Wishes
5. One in a Million
6. Parody Catharsis

Side 2
1. Strawberry's Wake
2. Born To Fail
3. Parallels
4. Night Sway
5. Say Hi
6. Nothing Shameful (feat. Andrew Wells)
7. Into The Sunset (feat. Bilmuri)

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