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180 Gram LP


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A new series of audiophile recordings from Pro-Ject Records!

The incomparable experience of great sound!

Studio and live recording at Studio Baumgarten and Pro-Ject headquarters

All-analog AAA production — recording, mixing and mastering

180-gram double LP, pressed at Pallas!

Pro-Ject Audio Systems, besides being known for manufacturing classic turntables and audio accessories, has launched a recording series to demonstrate the quality of top analog audio equipment.

From time-to-time Pro-Ject has invited great musicians to perform at company headquarters in Mistelbach, Austria. Now, using real analog tape with reduced microphoning, capturing the performance in true stereo, Pro-Ject and Austria's own singer-guitarist 7RAY have teamed to produce a special studio album — a live jazz recording direct from Pro-Ject's company headquarters, and a set recorded to 8-track at Studio Baumgarten in Vienna. This gives listeners the ability to hear a direct comparison of recording techniques.

For this 180-gram double LP the tracks include glorious favorites: "Blue Moon," "One For My Baby," "Night And Day," "Send In The Clowns," "Fly Me To The Moon," and more.  He impressed the Hollywood film industry with his theme songs for the movies The Informers (starring Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke and Billy Bob Thornton) and Unthinkable (starring Samuel Jackson, Carry Anne Moss and more). With his jazz albums June Gloom in LA, Love and Steel, Round Midnight, and Christmas in LA, 7RAY underlines his artistic versatility with each recording. For this album 7Ray is joined by Triple Ace — Simon Plötzeneder, trumpet; Oliver Kent, piano; Dusan Novakov, drums; and Uli Langthaler, bass.

The Studios and Equipment

Studio: Studio Baumgarten, a special analogue hotspot in Vienna, has produced multiple historical recordings since the 1960s. Due to the discrete analogue technology and the large recording concert hall, equipped with a Bösendorfer Grand Imperial piano, the premises represent an exceptional recording situation for today‘s professionals. The old WSW recording console is a special part of the studio, as the signals are processed with transistor and vacuum tube technology.

Live: No monitor speakers were used during the recording at the Pro-Ject Headquarters in order to guarantee a neutral, dynamic live stereo image with zero crosstalk and interference. This decision meant that the vocal soloist, as well as the musicians, cannot hear themselves easily, hence the routine is pronounced for a proper intonation and a confident performance.

Recording Equipment:
Acousta DCA100E mixing console
Otari MX-70 8-track tape machine
Neumann M269C and KM100 microphones
AKG C414EB and C414comb microphones
MBHO MBP603 microphone
Schoeps CMC5 microphone
Neumann U47 microphone with modded capsule
Neumann m49a microphone
Recording Engineers: David Kübelböck, Joachim Bäck (Live engineer)

Mixdown Equipment:
CADAC 36/24 Custom Studio Console (1974) mixing console
Studer A80VU master tape machine
Mixing Studio: megabyte-kitchen
Mixed by: 7RAY & Andy Beit

Vinyl-production: AUSTROVINYL
Master Tape Copies:
Playback tape machine:
Studer A820 MKII with 1/2“ SM900 tape; 15ips, CCIR, 510nW @ +6dBu, no noise reduction
Recording tape machines:
Studer A807 MKII with 1/4“ SM468 tape; 15ips, CCIR, 320nW @ +6dBu, no noise reduction



Studio Recording - Studio Baumgarten
Side 1
1. Night and day
2. Fly me to the moon
3. One for my baby
4. It was a good year

Side 2
1. I‘ve been missing you
2. My baby just cares for me
3. Send in the clowns
4. Nature boy
5. I remember you

Live Recording - Pro-Ject Headquarters
Side 3
1. Nature boy
2. A foggy day
3. I‘ve got you under my

Side 4
1. Blue Moon
2. My baby just cares for me
3. Lady is a Tramp
4. One for my baby

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