Duke Ellington - Piano in the Foreground


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Produced by the famous jazz producer Irving Townshend, this Ellington trio recording done in one afternoon features the Duke out in front doing what he does best - play piano. Transferred from the original three-track analog master tapes directly to master lacquer using Bernie Grundman’s all-tube cutting system reveals nuances on this recording never before heard on previous pressings.

1. I Can't Get Started
2. Cong-go
3. Body and SOul
4. Blues for Jerry
5. Fontainebleau Forest
6. Summertime
7. It's Bad to Be Forgotten
8. A Hundred Dreams Ago
9. So
10. Yearning for Love
11. Springtime in Africa

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Great music and sound quality

posted on 03/26/2006
4 Stars

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