Dizzy Gillespie - Dizzy's Big 4


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The relationship between Dizzy Gillespie and Ray Brown goes back to the mid 1940s when Brown was the bassist in Gillespie's magnificent big band. Joe Pass and Mickey Rocker came along somewhat later. When he heard them, Dizzy understood immediately that they were worthy of admission into the inner circle of musicians whose artistic life was centered in the bebop tradition that he and Charlie Parker had established. The core of that tradition is perfectly expressed in this blistering version of Be Bop, a piece Dizzy wrote in 1942 that still tests musicians' ability to express themselves at high velocity. Gillespie's tender side and harmonic wisdom are disclosed in Hurry Home and September Song, his blues expressiveness in his classic Birks Works. Pass solos beautifully and rounds out a stunning rhythm section.

1. Tanga
2. Hurry Home
3. Russian Lullaby
4. Be Bop (Dizzy's Fingers)
5. Birks Works
6. September Song
7. Jitterbug Waltz

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