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Van Morrison - Moondance






Product No.:
ARHI 50354
UPC: 081227950354

180 Gram Vinyl Record

180 Gram LP

180-gram vinyl import LP! Van Morrison in top form!

Mastered by Kevin Gray at Acous Tech Mastering

Lacquers cut by Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman!

Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time — Rated 66/500!
Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs of All Time — "Into The Mystic" — Rated 474/500, "Moondance" — Rated 231/500!

Music critics have always rated this album by the ultra-talented singer from Belfast as one of Morrison's finest.
While it's unusual for a decade-defining record to come out in that decade's first year, it was clearly the case with Moondance. Coming after 1968's expansive, acoustic, jazz-inflected Astral Weeks, Moondance marks a complete about-face. The album would solidify Van Morrison as an FM radio mainstay, act as a midwife for the burgeoning genre of "soft rock," and help usher in the 1970s in America.

The famed title track started as a jazz saxophone instrumental, and Morrison played that original sax solo he wrote for the song. He told Rolling Stone magazine: "I used to play this sax number over and over, anytime I picked up my horn."

The flute is a big part of this song. It was played by Collin Tilton, who replaced John Payne on the instrument for the Moondance album.

Pianist and organist Jeff Labes recalled the recording of the track to Uncut: "I remember 'Moondance' itself was a big question mark. It was jazzy, and didn't seem to belong to the pack. The first time we recorded it, it came out really well, but Van thought there must be a catch. So we did it about a dozen times, and ended up going back to the first one, He liked to sing live along with the track, because Sinatra did that. He loved having a first-take vocal. He was looking for the magic."

The R&B influence that had been part of Morrison's toolkit since his days fronting them truly came to the fore at last across the album's landscape. "Crazy Love," "Caravan," and "Brand New Day" could have been covered by any great soul singer, even as they redefined "soul" through the filter of Morrison's eclectic sensibilities. An openhearted record full of truly inspirational moments, Moondance is Van at the absolute top of his game.


Side 1
1. Stoned Me
2. Moondance
3. Crazy Love
4. Caravan
5. Into The Mystic

Side 2
1. Come Running
2. These Dreams Of You
3. Brand New Day
4. Everyone
5. Glad Tidings

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Vinyl nothing special

posted on 08/27/2020
3 Stars
This is my favorite album and I've wanted to hear it on vinyl for 30 years. It's less than thrilling. I was hoping it would leap out of the speakers but it didn't have the dynamics. Maybe my expectations were too high. The sound was quiet, although I'm not referring to the abscence of surface noise, which it had, but the subdued, almost muffled, energy of the performances. The singer's voice has clarity but the instruments lack definition and there isn't much tonal separation among them. The vinyl sounds like a CD. It's a little flat. The recent CD remaster is a better buy and the vinyl is an unnecessary purchase if the CD is already part of a collection. Polydor was Van Morrison's label for a number of years and they released remastered CDs of his Warner stuff except for the first three and final three LPs. Moondance was excluded but I wish a remaster had been available earlier. Most of his Warner albums haven't had new remasters from the company in years .

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