Various Artists - Girl In Gold Boots

 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Gold Vinyl + DVD)


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Vinyl Record & DVD

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Coming May 29, 2020


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A mad menagerie of grindhouse go-go grooves!

First-ever soundtrack released to this Ted Mikels and Mystery Science Theatre 3000 classic!

Cut and pressed on gold vinyl at Third Man Pressing in Detroit

Includes a DVD of the entire film, plus lots of bonus fun!

Girl In Gold Boots is Ted V. Mikels' (The Corpse Grinders) homage to the time tested "small town girl moves to the big city to become a go-go dancer" story. And if a movie is ostensibly about go-go dancing, then we're gonna need some music to go-go to. And that's what this album you're now holding is all about. From the odd psych rocker "Do You Want To Laugh Or Cry," to a frenetic barrage of country soul. It's got some solid harmonica groovers, an odd xmas song and of course the banger of a title track!

What we have is mostly country soul, a hybrid perfected by Elvis, Joe South, Jerry Reed, Bobbi Gentry, etc. in the late ‘60s. Many of the songs here, performed by Larry Cartell, appeared on the tiny Glenolden Records label, which issued a mere seven 7" singles in 1967/‘68. Nine of the songs featured here were on those 45s — Jerry Wallace's "That's The Fool In Me," Cartell's "Girl In Gold Boots," "Jimmy's Girl," "Wheels Of Love," "My Careless Heart," "Sin," and "Cowboy Santa," plus Danny Welton's "Julie" and "Strobelights."

The film also features Joe Valino's fantastic 1959 popper "(Everything I Touched Turned To) Gold," which later became a hit on the Belgian Popcorn dance scene. Combine this all with some Nicholas Carras cool Crime Jazz cues and you've got quite a romp. Now, go don your gold boots, and get ready to boogaloo. Go, baby, go! GO!!!

Pressed on colored vinyl, and includes a DVD of the entire film with lots of extras!


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