John Coltrane - Giant Steps

 (60th Anniversary Edition 2020 Remaster + 12"x12" Booklet)





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AATL 625106
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180 Gram Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2

180 Gram LP

60th Anniversary Edition 180-gram double LP!

Includes bonus disc of alternate takes/versions

Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time — rated 103/500

A remastered, deluxe 2LP with the original album plus a bonus disc of alternate takes and versions — including rehearsal and incomplete tracks, as well as false starts — only previously included in The Heavyweight Champion: The Complete Atlantic Recordings of John Coltrane boxed set. This 2LP configuration features a 12" x 12" 12pp booklet, packaged in a replica of the original 1969 stereo pressing, with a 12" x 12" album cover insert included.

Side A
1. Giant Steps
2. Cousin Mary
3. Countdown
4. Spiral

Side B
1. Syeeda's Song Flute
2. Naima
3. Mr. P.C.

Side C
1. Giant Steps (Alternate, Take 1, Incomplete)
2. Naima (Alternate, Take 3)
3. Like Sonny (Alternate, Take 7)
4. Countdown (Alternate Take)

Side D
1. Syeeda's Song Flute (Alternate Take)
2. Cousin Mary (Alternate Take)
3. Giant Steps (Alternate, Take 5)
4. Giant Steps (Take 6, Alternate)

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Clean and Clear

posted on 05/16/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Brian VanPelt
The vinyl surface is about as quiet as you can get. When listening to this record, I counted a total of 3 clicks on the entire album. Not only that, the sound is very clean, and detailed. Coltrane's sax sounds very lifelike, and occupies the left channel. The piano was also on the left, while the drums were on the right, and the bass was somewhere in the back, but to the right. It was easy to pinpoint each of those locations. The record provides a nice sense of 3d space in its presentation of the musicians' positions. The clarity of sound makes me think that they have cut these grooves deep.

When I opened the package, I knew the record would sound good just by looking at the surface. It was so clean looking and appeared like you see in those ads showing audiophile records.

Overall, this record is excellent. The package also includes a 2nd record of outtakes, plus a booklet. The presentation is nice, but the out cover is not a gatefold, but simply a single

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