The Replacements - Pleased To Meet Me

 (Blue Vinyl)





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140 / 150 Gram Vinyl Record

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140-gram translucent blue vinyl LP

Includes "Alex Chilton," "Skyway" and "Can't Hardly Wait"

One of the most legendary and essential albums of the '80s. Recorded by Jim Dickinson at Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN, and including ‘Mats classics "Alex Chilton," "The Ledge," "Skyway," "Can't Hardly Wait" and more.


Side 1
1. I. O. U.
2. Alex Chilton
3. I Don't Know
4. Nightclub Jitters
5. The Ledge
6. Never Mind

Side 2
1. Valentine
2. Shooting Dirty Pool
3. Red Red Wine
4. Skyway
5. Can't Hardly Wait

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