Rush - Permanent Waves

 (40th Anniversary Edition)





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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP


40th Anniversary 3LP Deluxe Edition of the breakthrough Rush album!

New gatefold jacket for two LPs of live content!

Rush releases a 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition 3LP of their breakthrough album Permanent Waves. In addition to an original album remaster made in 2015 at Abbey Road Studios, the collection adds unreleased live cuts from the tour in support of the album.

Permanent Waves is the band's seventh studio album, released on January 14th, 1980. It was recorded at Le Studio, Morin Heights, Quebec, and mixed at Trident Studios in London. The tracks were laid down just shy of four weeks, in part attributed to the idyllic working conditions of Morin Heights. The album marks a transition from long, conceptual pieces, into a more accessible, radio-friendly style. "The Spirit Of Radio" is one of the most commercial songs Rush has ever produced, containing several different musical elements, even a touch of reggae.

The waving man in the background of the album cover is actually Hugh Syme, the band's long time design collaborator.

This three LP Deluxe Edition features original album packaging, a newly designed gatefold jacket for the two discs of live bonus tracks (from the 1980 Permanent Waves World Tour) and a 24-page booklet of unreleased photos all housed in a slipcase.

Permanent Waves became the band's most successful album at the time of release, reaching No. 3 in Canada and the U.K. and No. 4 in the U.S.. The album was certified platinum in the U.S. by the Recording Industry Association of America for selling 1 million copies.


LP 1: Original Album – 2015 Remaster
Side 1
1. The Spirit Of Radio
2. Freewill
3. Jacob’s Ladder
Side 2
1. Entre Nous
2. Different Strings
3. Natural Science

LP 2: Permanent Waves World Tour 1980
Side 1
1. Beneath, Between & Behind (Live in Manchester)
2. By-Tor & The Snow Dog (Live in London)
3. Xanadu (Live in London)
Side 2
1. The Spirit Of Radio (Live in Manchester)
2. Natural Science (Live in Manchester)
3. A Passage To Bangkok (Live in Manchester)
4. The Trees (Live in Manchester)

LP 3: Permanent Waves World Tour 1980
Side 1
1. Cygnus X-1 (Live in London)
2. Cygnus X-1 Book II (Live in London)
Side 2
1. Closer To The Heart (Live in Manchester)
2. Jacob’s Ladder (Live in Missouri)
3. Freewill (Live in London)

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