The Salt City Six - The Salt City Six Plays the Classics in Dixieland

2xHD is a brand known to audiophiles who love jazz and DSD. The team of André Perry and René Laflamme have produced exceptional transfers from analog tape to DSD, with great artists such as Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Bill Evans, Sarah Vaughn, and Chet Baker (among many others) in the mix.

The Salt City Six Plays The Classics In Dixieland is an original Ewing Nunn recording. And so, it utilizes custom-made microphones and mic pre-amps, all keenly applied by one of the finest recording engineers of the last century, if not the best. Don't just expect Dixieland from this album. Nope. As this six-man ensemble is going to deliver the William Tell overture, Granada, El Capitan (which is great), ah, so pure and New Orleans-like, you've never heard before. We! This way-fun album is unquestionably a classic, and this, I dare say, is its finest incarnation, ready for your listening room.

When you put this on, close the doors and windows, and post a sign outside: "Do not disturb until the music stops. Thank you, the management."

William Tell Overture
New Orleans
El Capitan
Ah, so Pure!

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