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"Amazingly, the Pixies’ 1987 debut EP, Come on Pilgrim, was compiled from the quickly, inexpensively made demo tape - paid for by Black Francis’ dad - the band made at Boston’s legendary Fort Apache studio soon after they formed. 4AD was so taken with the tape that they released eight of the songs as this mini-album. It’s easy to see why they were so impressed: The Pixies’ essential sound - Francis’ unearthly shriek of a voice, David Lovering’s propulsive drumming, Joey Santiago’s insistent, prickly guitar playing, and Kim Deal’s sugar-and-sandpaper vocals and steady bass lines - arrives fully formed like the bouncy, yet twisted, surfer-girl ode ‘Ed Is Dead.’" - All Music Guide

1. Caribou
2. Vamos
3. Isla de Encanta
4. Ed is Dead
5. The Holiday Song
6. Nimrod's Son
7. I've Been Tired
8. Levitate Me

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Absolutely epic album

posted on 11/08/2015
5 Stars
Reviewer: Nick P.
The Pixies "Come On Pilgrim" is one of those records that you always find yourself revisiting & learning to love again. It is & always will be a blueprint for great song writing. Black Francis & Kim Deal's vocal harmonies are often not your typical harmonies but, they redefine what can be done with the human voice. And, the way the songs "move" tell a story just as much as Francis's tounge in cheek, slightly dark, & just plain funny lyrics at times do. For example "we'll have all sons, they will be all well hung"! Or, "my sister grabbed me close & whispered to my bleeding head, you are the son of incestuous unions". A truly classic record. "Come On Pilgrim" should be in every music lovers collection. Period.

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