Ahmad Jamal Trio - Ahmad Jamal At The Pershing

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180-gram vinyl mono LP

Mastered at Sterling Sound from the original tapes

Plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings

Stoughton Printing old-style tip-on jacket

Best-selling, highly-recommended jazz album, ranked No. 21 on Jazzwise's list of 100 Jazz Albums That Shook The World!

"At The Pershing: But Not For Me was much more than a record: it was a phenomenon. Its fame and popularity spread like wildfire. It topped America's jazz charts for months and established a 107-week residence in Billboard's album charts. 'That album sold over one million copies and is still selling.' There is a palpable sense of incredulity in Jamal's voice, as if he still can't comprehend the record's success and astounding longevity." — Udiscovermusic. Pianist Ahmad Jamal Recalls 'At The Pershing.' Read the whole review here.

"Jamal's ideas about integrated and disciplined trio interplay had already deeply influenced jazz's inner circle of musicians while his piano-guitar-bass trio was around throughout the early 1950s. However, things went supernova-ish when this incredible unit made and released this jazz best-seller in 1958. Nobody remained untouched by his light-but-tight approach, his winningly imaginative arrangements and his incredible attention to dynamics. The highlight may have been ‘Poinciana', but every track is an object lesson in how to draw the best from a tune. That it was no flash in the pan is shown by the music's drawing power and continuing fascination today, as well as its ability to influence every new generation of pianists." — "The 100 Jazz Albums That Shook The World," Jazzwise.

This is one of the best-selling jazz records ever. But among audiophiles, it may not be as well known as some of the other genre classics.

Jazz pianist, composer, bandleader, Grammy-nominee, and Kennedy Center legend Ahmad Jamal has for five decades been one of the most successful small-group leaders in jazz and one of the genre's all-time great pianists. His artisty, talent and creative abilities have thrilled audiences and been broadly proclaimed by musician and music lover alike. At The Pershing: But Not For Me is Jamal's dazzling fountain of creative splendor in full flow.

In 1956 Jamal's new trio (with Israel Crosby on bass and Vernell Fournier on drums) began a residency at Chicago's Pershing Hotel, and two years later the group recorded At The Pershing: But Not For Me, which spent 108 weeks among the Top Ten best selling albums. Recorded on Jan. 16, 1958 at the Pershing Lounge in the hotel, each set played that night was recorded for a total of 43 tracks, eight of which were selected by Jamal for the album.

AllMusic rates the album 4 stars, calling it a turning point in Jamal's career. The album became one of the best-selling records in the history of the Chess Records label. Chess Records is synonymous with the Chicago electric blues scene of the 1950s, when iconic names such as Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry came to prominence, helping to establish Leonard and Phil Chess' Windy City indie label as one of America's leading proponents of R&B music. But it's often forgotten that a jazz pianist called Ahmad Jamal played a major role in filling up the label's coffers and widening its audience.

Jamal, from Pittsburgh, was a child prodigy who started playing piano at age 3 and, as a teen, caught the ear of jazz great Art Tatum. Then, after moving to Chicago, in 1948, he was eventually discovered by visionary record producer John Hammond, the patrician entrepreneur who had brought Billie Holiday to prominence and later helped to bring Aretha Franklin and Bob Dylan to the attention of the wider world. Hammond gave Jamal his first shot at recording in 1951, but it was seven years later, when the pianist was signed to Chess Records, that his career truly skyrocketed.

At The Pershing: But Not For Me topped America's jazz charts for months and established a 107-week residence in Billboard's album charts.

"That album sold over one million copies and is still selling," Jamal says. He attributes its success to the power of music. ""It's contagious. Music belongs to the world. So something that is of value, whether it's Ravel's Boléro or, specifically, At The Pershing, the world listens. And if it's good, you're going to get one or two listeners... and I got a few more than two!"

The Analogue Productions reissue LP you hold has matchless listenability, employing steps calculated to extract the highest-quality transfer and playback from the original master tape. Mastering took place at Sterling Sound, while plating and 180-gram pressing is by our own Quality Record Pressings, where the best-sounding LPs with dead-quiet surfaces are produced. A Stoughton Printing old-style tip-on jacket completes the package.


Side 1
1. But Not For Me
2. Surrey With The Fringe On Top
3. Moonlight In Vermont
4. Music, Music, Music
5. No Greater Love

Side 2
1. Poinciana
2. Wood'yn You
3. What's New

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 10 person(s) rated this product.

Killer Live Set

posted on 01/12/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Justin
I'm not one for live albums, but there are a few exceptions. This sound is great and as close to being in the room with Ahmad Jamal and his band. I love the version of Moonlight in Vermont, and overall the drums and piano are killer on this. Great late night jazz. Jacket is perfect, single pocket, record is flat as always from QRP.

Among Jamal's finest

posted on 12/22/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bob
A definitive recording by Jamal's new trio. Were it that Leonard Chess had put one or two more songs on this record. "Ahmad's Blues" is a 1958 recording by the same trio's live sets at a club in Washington, DC.

Way, way back in the 1970s, I worked with the engineer, Malcolm Chisholm, at a small voice-over studio/tape duplicating house. He engineered recordings at two legendary Chicago studios, Universal Recording and Chess Records for many top artists in jazz, rock and blues.

Top Notch sound and music

posted on 03/19/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Michael
Really enjoying this album! Sound quality is fantastic. I love Ahmad Jamal’s music. I’d like to see some of his other albums reissued. Especially his Count’ EM 88 album.

Yes! The HYPE is real !

posted on 08/13/2020
5 Stars
Reviewer: Kevin J
The recording of this record is VERY good~ Great quality ~ feels slightly heavier than 200g.

Chad does it again!!!!!!!!!

posted on 07/24/2020
5 Stars
Another impeccable reissue from Acoustic Sounds. I can only hope they will reissue more Ahmad Jamal. Finding his old releases is not only difficult but expensive and come no where near sonically . Maybe The Awakening??!!


posted on 06/27/2020
5 Stars
This was the first Jazz album I ever heard as a kid. I still have my dad’s copy he bought at the military store in Korea in the ‘60s. It still sounds good, but, I have always hoped a truly great audiophile pressing would be made. Look no further, Chad and his team have done a wonderful job bringing a spectacular album to life. It’s also nice to see something other than another Blue Note or even Prestige reissue. Great job on a great album guys.


posted on 05/28/2020
5 Stars
Reviewer: william
Amazing performance and atmospheric record. have been listening to this and the Helen Merrill record every night, both of these are good winding down records. Mastering and pressing is almost flawless as always. No other company does this for the price, Acoustic Sounds releases make me wanna listen to vinyl everyday. I do wish the cover was glossy, but you cant have everything.

Chad and team are on a roll!

posted on 04/24/2020
5 Stars
Reviewer: I'm Famous. Danny Kaye.
The original, if you can find a mint copy, is great. This reissue is LEAPS BETTER than the original. I know, I have both copies. There's just so much more information retrieved and encoded in the grooves. Playing back on a Lyra mono cart, this record will literally blow you away. A+++ reissue.

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