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Feeling heartsick from love’s tumult, sweating bullets in the middle of the night, drinking lightning from a corn liquor bottle, sitting in a room whose walls are so blue they look black, digging into the joy-and-pain double helix of existence and finding heavy soul, kicking out a blues rock rumpus in search of salvation…this is the electrifying world of The Black Keys.

This is the second Epitaph/Fat Possum album from this acclaimed guitar and drum, delta blues-infused rock duo from Akron, Ohio.

1. When the Lights Go Out
2. 10 A.M. Automatic
3. Just Couldn't Tie Me Down
4. All Hands Against His Own
5. The Desperate Man
6. Girl is On My Mind
7. The Lengths
8. Grown So Ugly
9. Stack Shot Billy
10. Act Nice and Gentle
11. Aeroplane Blues
12. Keep Me
13. Till I Get My Way

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Cheap vinyl issue of a great album

posted on 07/28/2013
1 Stars
Reviewer: Jeff C - Australia
4.5 stars for the music, 1 star for the vinyl issue. I purchased this great album on CD when it was first released in 2004. However I am very disappointed with this LP issue because the vinyl was filthy with dust, the surface badly scuffed and a play stopping skip on side two. The original CD digi-pak is foldout so the entire album cover image could be seen as a panorama. The red background is matt finish with all the images picked out in a glossy finish. So it is a rather unique piece of album art. The vinyl jacket should have been done the same but it is not. The whole thing is glossy and being a single jacket you cannot fold it out to see the album art as intended. The vinyl does not sound as good as the CD. If you own the original digi-pak CD then do not waste your money on this vinyl.

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