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Hybrid Multichannel SACD

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Apart from its humor mostly with a hint of the erotic and the friction between historical action and props from the present, Die Perlen der Cleopatra astounds us with its political clear-sightedness. Mark Antony does not appear until the second half of Act III with a series of famous quotations and sayings but at the same time lends a new, political dimension to the function of the comic operetta actor. The danger of fascism, which had already begun in Italy and was threateningly imminent in other countries, is rendered apparent in the figure of the Roman triumvir. With the Roman Mark Antony, a role deliberately entrusted to a cabaret performer, Straus and his librettists, Julius Brammer and Alfred Grunwald created nothing less than the stage prototype of the imperialist that did not have long to go before Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator. Mark Antony is a figure at whom one can and should laugh, but he also has to sing the concluding duet with Cleopatra.

Oscar Straus: Die Perlen de Cleopatra
Operetta in Three Acts

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