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Hybrid Multichannel SACD

Hybrid Multichannel SACD

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"Hunt Lieberson died of cancer earlier this year. And if you want to know the extent of the loss, just listen to her on the two Handel arias from Serse at disc's end. Hers was a one-of-a-kind voice, not likely to be seen this way again. The sound on these cuts is as natural a representation of the mezzo voice as there is on disc. But it's the unique quality of her sound that may well move you to tears." – Harry Pearson, The Absolute Sound, March 2007

Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, who died in July 2006 at age 52 following a lengthy battle with breast cancer, was a consummate recitalist and concert singer and a riveting operatic performer. Her repertoire ranged from the Baroque to the contemporary. Recognized by Musical America as the 2001 Vocalist of the Year, and as Outstanding Artist of the Year 2003 by the London Guardian newspaper, Lorraine Hunt Lieberson appeared regularly in opera and concert with the world’s major opera companies, orchestras and conductors.

1 Act 1 Scene 4 -- Recit: ''Ah! Whither should we fly, or fly from whom?''...
2 Aria: ''As with rosy steps the morn''
3 Act 1 Scene 3 -- Recit: ''O bright example of all goodness!...''
4 Aria: ''Bane of virtue, nurse of passions''
5 Act 2 Scene 4 -- ''Recit: The clouds begin to veil the hemisphere''
6 Aria: ''Defend her Heav'n!''
7 Act 3 Scene 1 -- Aria: ''Lord, to Thee each night and day''
8 Act 3 Scene 3 -- Recit: ''She's gone, disdaining liberty and life''...
9 Aria: ''New scenes of joy''

Cantata ''La Lucretia''
10 Recit: ''O Numi eterni! O stelle, stelle!''
11 Aria: ''Già superbo, del mio affano''
12 Recit: ''Ma voi forse nel cielo''
13 Aria: ''Il suol che preme, l'aura che spira''
14 Recit: ''Ah! che ancor nell'abisso''
15 Aria: ''Alla salma infedel porga la pena''
16 Recit: ''A voi, a voi, padre, consorte''
17 Arioso: ''Già nel seno comincia a compir Furioso Ma se qui non m'è dato''

18 Act 2 Scene 4 -- Aria: ''Se bramate d'amar, chi vi sdegna''...
19 Act 1 Scene 1 -- Recit: ''Frondi tenere e belle''
20 Aria: ''Ombra mai fù''

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Emotionally-Charged, Impeccable Sonics

posted on 10/19/2004
5 Stars
Reviewer: Lemmy Caution
This may be the best-sounding SACD I've heard yet. As a rule I'm not overly partial to opera or choral works in general however, Lorraine Hunt-Lieberson's passionate performance of Handel arias from Theodora, La Lucrezia and Serce transcends my ignorance. The arias are intimate - intended for performance in the villas of Roman nobility after the Pope banned opera(1700). The scale is perfect for my listening room and more accessible than larger works. Hunt-Lieberson's agility, dynamic range, control of pitch and breath are stunning. The lute, harpsichord and gamba players excel, collectively and individually supporting yet never intruding on Ms. Hunt-Lieberson's space. The engineering is flawless. Nothing gets in the way of the music or its palpable emotional payload. The instruments speak from absolute blackness beside or behind the singer with just enough ambience to lend a defining glow to the edges of the soundstage. Truly a convergence of boundless creative energy and solid talent.

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