June Tyson - Saturnian Queen Of The Sun Ra Arkestra

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The voice of Afrofuturistic science non-fiction!

The Princess Leia of avant-garde jazz gets her due!

Contains five unissued cuts of June with Sun Ra and the Arkestra!

Gold vinyl pressing features full-color booklet with unpublished photos from the Tyson family and liners from Cat Celebreze!

Undoubtedly the most sublime constellation in the Sun Ra cosmos, June Tyson's voice is the perfect guide through one of the most challenging and varied musical legacies ever to be encountered. Capable of strong, fierce, and emotive vocalizations as well as intricate weavings, her voice transcends genre. This first ever collection affirming June Tyson's unassailable gravity in Sun Ra's realm features previously unissued cuts and includes a full-color insert featuring rare photos and extensive liner notes!

The strong, powerful, and fiercely feminine voice of Sun Ra's Arkestra for decades was the strong, sassy, and spacey June Tyson. As Sun Ra's closest companion throughout his time on Earth, she represented Afrofuturism as boldly and powerfully as her Saturnic leader. He the king of Afrofuturism and she the queen. The booklet is externally a replica of one of June's personal items, her "Dream Book"; open the composition pad to unveil stunning unseen photos courtesy of June's daughters and a powerful set of notes from Cat Celebreze. Finally the Princess Leia of avant-garde jazz gets her due!

1. Outer Spaceways Incorporated
2. Somebody Else’s World
3. Stardust From Tomorrow
4. We Travel The Spaceways
5. Astro Black
6. Theme Of The Stargazers
7. The Moors (aka Moorish Nights)
8. If You Are Not A Myth – Strange Worlds In My Mind
9. Outer Space Is A Pleasant Place
10. Tapestry From An Asteroid
11. Never Never Land
12. Smile
13. Enlightenment
14. They’ll Come Back

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