John Carpenter - Halloween: Expanded Edition

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Halloween Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Deluxe Edition

2LP — one orange, one black record

All-new art and lavish packaging, including an optical-illusion lenticular sleeve

2018's Halloween was a fantastic return to form for the iconic horror franchise. Writer Danny McBride and director David Gordon Green demonstrated that they profoundly understood what makes a good slasher film work, and Michael hasn't been as terrifying or intimidating in years. But all this might have been for naught if the movie hadn't had that classic Halloween sound. That's where original Halloween director John Carpenter stepped in, delivering an excellent synth score that seriously cranked up the atmosphere.

The soundtrack album proved to be a big hit in its own right, debuting at No. 12 on the Billboard chart and becoming one of the most successful movie scores of recent times. Perhaps in recognition of this success, it's now being re-released by Sacred Bones Records in an expanded edition, which will include roughly 28 extra minutes,  presenting a more complete, immersive listening experience.

The additional material included on the expanded edition adds a total of 24 cues to the album, spread across two more sides of vinyl on the deluxe double LP version. The LP also has all-new art and lavish packaging, including an optical-illusion lenticular sleeve that makes the flames around Michael Myers's mask dance when you slide it off the record jacket. For diehard fans of the Halloween series, collectors of John Carpenter's music, or anyone who wants to hear even more of the incredible score to this movie, this expanded edition is a must-buy.


1. Intro
2. Aaron Meets Michael
3. Halloween Theme
4. Laurie’s Theme
5. Aaron and Dana Enter Laurie’s Compound
6. Laurie’s Past
7. Prison Montage
8. Laurie Breaks Down
9. Karen’s Flashback
10. Lumpy Explores Crash
11. Michael Kills
12. Hawkins Arrives at Crash Site
13. Dana’s in the
14. Shower
15. The Story of Judith’s Death
16. The Gas Station
17. Michael Kills Again
18. Gas Station Aftermath
19. The Shape Returns
20. The Boogeyman
21. The Shape Kills
22. Hawkins Called to Babysitter’s House
23. Laurie Sees the Shape
24. Babysitter Aftermath
25. Sartain Meets Laurie
26. Looking for Allyson
27. Wrought Iron Fence
28. The Shape Hunts Allyson
29. Talking to Cops
30. Allyson Discovered
31. Gun Closet
32. Halloween Theme (I’ve Got Eyes)
33. Sartain’s Gone Mad
34. Say Something
35. Through the Woods
36. Ray’s Goodbye
37. The Shape Attacks Laurie
38. The Shape is Monumental
39. Searching for the Shape
40. Mannequin Panic
41. Death Drum
42. The Shape and Laurie Fight
43. The Grind
44. Trap the Shape
45. The Shape Burns
46. Halloween Triumphant

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