Grateful Dead - Ready Or Not

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Grateful Dead



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180-gram double LP

New live collection features nine unreleased performances from the early 1990s. Presenting what the next Grateful Dead studio album may have been.

The world will never know what that album would have sounded like, but we do have a tantalizing idea thanks to a new collection curated by the band's archivist David Lemieux. Ready or Not features nine unreleased live versions of late-period Grateful Dead songs that debuted in 1992 and 1993. The collection's track list reflects what might have been the band's next official studio album after Built to Last.

Side A
1. Liberty
2. Eternity

Side B
1. Lazy River Road
2. Samba In The Rain
3. So Many Roads

Side C
1. Way To Go Home
2. Corrina

Side D
1. Easy Answers
2. Days Between

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