Gene Clark - No Other

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The Byrds founding member's 1974 album expanded!

Album silver vinyl LP + 7-inch + 3xSACDs + Blu-ray and book!

Remixed for 5.1 surround sound!

Limited Deluxe Edition Box Set — Remastered at Abbey Road Studios!

On the eve of what would have been American singer-songwriter and Byrds founding member Gene Clark's 75th birthday comes the reissue of one of his finest works, No Other. Released in 1974 on Asylum Records, a year after the Byrds short-lived reunion, Gene reached for the stars with No Other; a psychedelic rock, folk, country and soul record that famously cost a small fortune to make. Although received warmly by critics, it flopped and was soon deleted, a failure Gene never came to terms with. However, as The New York Times wrote around the record's 40th anniversary in 2014, "hindsight has burnished No Other, as it has redeemed other albums that went on to be reconstructed as rock repertory, like Big Star's Sister Lovers and Lou Reed's Berlin," with the album now being increasingly recognized as one of the greatest of its time, if not all time.

Forty-five years on and recently remastered at Abbey Road, 4AD are giving No Other the reappraisal it deserves. The original tapes have been remastered at Abbey Road, a stunning 5.1 Surround mix of this album created for the first time (done by Neil Wilkes & B.J. Cole at Opus Productions), and both the in the studio and promotional photoshoots have been located.

Furthermore, all the studio takes have been forensically worked on and mixed by the duo of Gene Clark aficionado, author and Long Ryders frontman Sid Griffin and John Wood, the producer famed for his work with the likes of Nick Drake, Fairport Convention and Sandy Denny. More than just bonus material, these tracks offer fans an insight in to how Gene approached recording No Other; no track has been edited or composited in any way, allowing for things to be heard exactly as they went down in the studio and before any overdubbing took place.

The deluxe boxset edition fans have been waiting for has also been lovingly curated. An extremely limited item, the box contains the LP pressed on silver vinyl, three SACDs (a multi-layer SACD of the original album housed in an authentic Japanese vinyl replica sleeve printed by the Ichikudo Company plus two further SACDs of session mixes and radio edits), an exclusive 7", a comprehensive Blu-Ray disc package which includes HD versions of all tracks, a 5.1 surround mix of the album, the original 1974 vinyl master and an exclusive documentary by Paul Kendall (an edit of his acclaimed 2013 film, The Byrd Who Flew Alone: The Triumphs and Tragedy of Gene Clark), and a hardbound 80 page book which features essays, extensive liner notes and previously unseen photos.

This reissue serves as both a celebration for fans and an introduction to soon-to-be fans. There really is no other like No Other.

Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set
Original album pressed on silver vinyl LP
Exclusive 7" vinyl
Multi-layer SACD version of original album presented in an exclusive Japanese Ichikudo vinyl replica sleeve
2 SACDs containing new session mixes & radio edits
Blu-Ray: HD versions of all tracks; 5.1 surround mix of album; original 1974 vinyl master; exclusive documentary
Remastered at Abbey Road
80-page hardbound book with lyrics, essays, extensive liner notes and previously unseen photos



Side 1
1. Life's Greatest Fool
2. Silver Raven
3. No Other
4. Strength of Strings
Side 2
1. From a Silver Phial
2. Some Misunderstanding
3. The True One
4. Lady of the North

SACD 1: No Other (Remastered) + 5.1 surround mix
1. Life’s Greatest Fool
2. Silver Raven
3. No Other
4. Strength Of Strings
5. From A Silver Phial
6. Some Misunderstanding
7. The True One
8. Lady Of The North

SACD 2: No Other (Sessions 1)
1. From A Silver Phial (Version 4)
2. Silver Raven (Version 2)
3. Some Misunderstanding (Version 3)
4. Life’s Greatest Fool (Version 2)
5. Train Leaves Here This Morning (Version 2)
6. Lady Of The North (Version 2)
7. The True One (Version 2)
8. Strength Of Strings (Version 2)
9. No Other (Version 2)

SACD 3: No Other (Sessions 2)
1. From A Silver Phial (Version 1)
2. Life’s Greatest Fool (Version 1)
3. No Other (Version 1)
4. Lady Of The North (Version 1)
5. Some Misunderstanding (Version 1)
6. Silver Raven (Version 1)
7. Train Leaves Here This Morning (Version 1)
8. The True One (Version 1)
9. Strength Of Strings (Version 1)
10. Life’s Greatest Fool (Single Version)
11. Silver Raven (Single Edit)

Exclusive 7”
A. Life’s Greatest Fool (Single Version)
AA. Train Leaves Here This Morning (Version 1)

Documentary: The Byrd Who Flew Alone: The Making of No Other by Paul Kendall
No Other (Alternate Audio Versions)
No Other (HD Audio Remaster)
No Other (5.1 Surround Mix)
No Other (1974 Vinyl Master)
No Other (2019 Stereo Remix)

80 Page Hardbound Book
Extensive Liner Notes
Previously Unpublished Photographs
Essays by Andrew Perry, Jon Einarson, Johnny Rogan, Martin Aston & Sid Griffin

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posted on 09/13/2019
5 Stars
Reviewer: Herbert Frei, Zurich
'The Guardian' calls this "one of the greatest rock albums ever". In any case, this is an album of great complexity and beauty, in the beginning greatly underrated, if not ignored, but now considered to be Gene Clark's greatest achievement. So this reissue is to be greatly applauded. You can have the album as single CD or double CD or as an expensive multi-format package. Yet, why not issue the original album also as a single SACD (or, perhaps, as a SHM-SACD)? Why do I have to buy this expensive package just to get the SACD? I'm neither interested in vinyl (sold mine 30 years ago) nor in alternate takes. I hope the producers consider a more consumer-friendly alternative.

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