Tori Kelly - Inspired By True Events

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Clear vinyl LP

2019 release from the two-time Grammy winner!

After making her debut with 2015's Unbreakable Smile and having won two Grammys for her 2018 record Hiding
, singer-songwriter Tori Kelly is back with her third album Inspired By True Events. The singer touches on "raw" topics including being overwhelmed with emotions, wanting to find her inner youth again, and marriage.

Additionally, she included interludes, something she "always wanted to do," and titled them with dates where her father, grandmother, and mother are talking to her as a baby girl. A great follow-up to her 2018 Grammy-winning album, Hiding Place, her new album gives her fans an in-depth look inside of her thoughts; something they've been waiting for.


Side 1
1. Coffee
2. 12/16/1992
3. Change Your Mind
4. Language
5. 2 Places
6. 8/28/1997
7. Kid I Used To Know
8. Pretty Fades

Side 2
1. 3/2/1991
2. Sorry Would Go A Long Way
3. Actress
4. The Lie
5. Until I Think Of You
6. 3/26/1994
7. Your Words
8. Before The Dawn

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