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“We are pleased to announce our debut album ‘Premonitions’ is now available to stream and purchase worldwide!
This album has been in its workings longer than the band itself. When we started out we were kids with no real idea of what we were doing, just making noises in a rehearsal studio and dreaming that one day we might get to this point.

Since those first fumbling steps we’ve grown and matured, both as people and musicians, and been through some dark times together. We’ve loved, and lost. Some of us have been through hell, gone right to the brink of what a person can cope with, and somehow come back through it.

Through it all, though, there have been moments of brightness and hope, things that drove us to keep striving individually and as a group. We’ve toured the UK and Europe, making friends across the continent that we’ll treasure for the rest of our lives.

We put our lives on hold to chase this dream, and it’s all been building to this point. These songs are a chronicle of everything we’ve been through, every dark moment of fear and doubt that told us we should quit, and every ray of hope and joy that drove us to keep going, that it would all be worth it. And now it’s here.

This record means a lot to us, and we hope that when you listen to it – for the first time or the hundredth – that it means something to you, too.

Thank you for your continued support.

-Chris, Benj, James & Sam
We would also like to give thanks to Arising Empire, Mike Bennett, Foxhound Recordings Studios, Zain Zia, Simon Atkinson, Jake Kindred & Matty Daleyy for making our vision a reality.”

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