The Vulcans - Star Trek

 (Limited to 1000 Edition Deep Space Maroon Vinyl )


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Classic Trojan label reggae engages warp drive!

All-instrumental riddims meet the ARP 2600 synthesizer on this 1972 rarity

First LP reissue on "Deep Space Maroon" vinyl, limited to 1,000 copies!

Now for one of the oddest — and most sought-after — albums in the voluminous Trojan label catalog! In 1972, the production team of Joe Sinclair, Webster Shrowder and Des Bryan placed classic Trojan instrumental riddims in the hands of prog-rocker Ken Elliot (formerly of the group Second Hand), who proceeded to lay down utterly twisted ARP-2600 synthesizer lines over them. The intent (we think) was to cash in on the strong, early '70s easy listening market a la Switched On Bach, but the result, like so many like-minded commercial concept albums, turned out to be several parsecs weirder than the original intent.

The combination of electronic music and reggae walks the tightrope between cheesy and cosmic, like a B-movie soundtrack listened to on laughing gas, and if a few tracks fall into the merely comical, don't worry, cuz the next track is gonna boldly dub where no track has dubbed before. In short, a one-off, stone cold classic, here reissued on LP for the first time ever in 'Deep Space Maroon' vinyl limited to 1,000 copies!

Side 1
1. Star Trek
2. Dr. Spock
3. Red Herring
4. Joe Kidd
5. Vulcan-Ised

Side 2
1. Journey into Space
2. Dark Shadows
3. Dracula
4. Shang Haied
5. Asibiso Jungle
6. In the Moog

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