Hasegawa Kagemitsu - Yoshitsune's Ryuteki


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Hybrid Multichannel SACD

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In this album, Hasegawa Kagemitsu portrayed the inner world of Yoshitsune in his close relationships with bamboo flutes. The album is comprised of nine sections, which are based on episodes from the time when Shanao, Yoshitsune’s childhood name, departed Kurama till he died at Hiraizumi. Kagemitsu recently deciphered the flute scores of Ohga-no Motomasa who was Yoshitsune’s contemporary. He used those scores extensively to reproduce the music that Yoshitsune possibly played, and sublimated the work with his superior musical sense.

1. Shanao's Departure from Kurama
2. Koroji in E Dorian
3. How Benkei Stole Swords in the Capital
4. Choshi in A Dorian
5. How Benkei Became Yoshitsune's Sworn Retainer
6. Butokuraku in D lonian
7. The Yoshino Monks Pursue Yoshitsune
8. Manzairaku in E Dorian
9. Yoshitsune's Concealment in Nara (Part One)
10. Kenkikodatsu in B Dorian
11. Yoshitsune's Concealment in Nara (Part Two)
12. Etenraku in E Dorian
13. Yoshitsune's Flight to the North
14. Ojokun in E Dorian
15. Yoshitsune's Visit to Heisenji Temple
16. Chogeishi in E Mixolydian
17. Yoshitsune's Suicide
18. Sutra Chanting of Hannyashingyo

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