Seigen Ono Ensemble - Septet 2003 Live


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Hybrid Multichannel SACD

Hybrid Multichannel SACD

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All compositions written and produced by Seigen Ono. Recorded live at the Blue Note Tokyo on January 26, 2003.

"Recording is not just a matter of registering and mixing of sound. Its objective should always entail grasping ‘Ki’ and recording it on media such as tape, hard disc, etc. ‘Ki’ is invisible, live energy, which resides in certain places and flows among human beings or things. It is a reality vital to Japanese martial and healing arts in particular. Then, spaces between notes, namely pauses and intervals, are called ‘Ma’ in the traditional Japanese musical context. Each ‘Ma’ is not an empty space but is a container of performance. It often plays more important roles than those of musical notes do. In ‘Ma’ exists ‘Ki.’ It seems that ‘Ki’ adds layers to music. Even before a sound starts or after it has stopped, ‘Ki’ comes and goes.

1. Malu
2. Bar del Mattatoio
3. Some Great Adventure
4. Fish Ladder
5. The Green Chinese Table
6. Enishie
7. Maria Ten
8. She is She
9. Julia Two
10. Covenant of the Rainbow

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Good Jazz Performance

posted on 01/01/2013
4 Stars
I listened to Mr Ono's Septet for the first time in this SACD. Very interesting approach to Jazz and a very decent live sound. I like it.

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