Alice Cooper - Easy Action

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2009 180gm pressing M -

Limited edition gold vinyl LP

Alice Cooper's 1970 second album

Features "Shoe Salesman," "Return Of The Spiders"

The band's second album, featuring "Refrigerator Heaven" & "Mr. & Misdemeanor."

Alice Cooper pioneered a grandly theatrical brand of hard rock that was designed to shock. Drawing equally from horror movies, vaudeville, and garage rock, the group created a stage show that featured electric chairs, guillotines, fake blood and boa constrictors. Cooper continues to tour regularly with his band as well as the newly formed Hollywood Vampires."

Side 1
Mr. And Misdemeanor
Shoe Salesman
Still No Air
Below Your Means

Side 2
Return of the Spiders
Laughing at Me
Refrigerator Heaven
Beautiful Flyaway
Lay Down and Die, Goodbye

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Very Underated Record! The shape of things to come!

posted on 07/07/2019
5 Stars
Reviewer: Kenny N.
I discovered this album 11 years after its release. I pedealed my Bicycle down to Lovell's Records in Whittier California after going crazy on Aliv\ce Cooper's Catologue when I was a Sophmore in High School when "Flush The Fashion" came out in 1980. Much to my suprise "Shoe Salesman" Beautiful Flyaway" Mr. & Mr Meanor" Refigerator Heaven" blew me away and takes you to a very special time in era where things were just som 70's and American! I also loved the cover of the original Alice Copper Group and the Gatefold ofthe boys. Glen Buxton, Micael Bruce, Neil Smith and Dennis Dunnaway are just fantastic players and were way ahed of their time! If you are a Alice Copper Fan, EASY ACTION is a MUST for your Collection!

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