Klaudio - Silencer Acoustic Dampening Case for KL Audio w/ External Reservoir



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Accessories for Record Cleaning Machines


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*** Not for use with auto-loader arm ***

(Record cleaning machine is not included.)

Klaudio's silencer is a very high quality acoustic dampening case for the KD-CLN-LP200S ultrasonic record cleaner. With a substantial noise reduction down to approximately 50dBA, records can now be cleaned and dried nearby instead of in another room. The enclosure is made of heavy acrylic, steel, and brushed aluminum, and is lined with sound absorbing foam and rubber seals. Separate doors allow access to the LP record and front control panel.

To prevent humidity buildup within the enclosure, Klaudio's silencer uses an active airflow channel with intake and exhaust fans in back. Sound is suppressed with specially designed air chambers. Fans are powered by the auxillary power port on the rear of the ultrasonic cleaner, or with an optional AC inverter.

Note: This product is not compatible with Klaudio's Automatic LP Disc Loader.


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Superb noise reduction

posted on 01/18/2023
5 Stars
Reviewer: Tom
If you don’t want the sound of your record cleaner

taking over the house the Silencer is the ideal product.

Yes it is costly but it is extremely well made and cuts

down the noise dramatically. I can be cleaning

recordings and listening critically 2 rooms away and

sitting and reading in the same room as the cleaner.

My family used to cringe when they saw me set up to

clean records. Now they feel relieved

I have had the silence since they came out and my

LP200 since

late 2013. Both have really stood the test of time with

thousands of records under their belt

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